How do I fix Death Wobble? By One Up Off-Road

We wanted to help share the information here from OUO, as it provides a great list of what to look for if you get the death wobble in the fords and similar with the Dodges. 

If your truck is having a death wobble event slow down as safely and as fast as you possibly can until it stops wobbling.
Do not keep driving it with it shaking really hard, something could catastrophically fail and kill you.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics FAQ & Shock Service Information

*ICON offers a lifetime warranty on all components, springs, and weldments.

ICON's shock warranty is limited to manufacture defect for 12 months from the date of purchase.

The ICON Delta Joint features a 5-year limited warranty.

Contact ICON tech support for more details (951) 689-ICON.

*ICON suspension systems will not void OEM factory warranties.

Fix Your Duramax Front End With The Kryptonite Suspension Upgrade (LML)

kryptonite lml upper control arm

Have a loose feeling front end? How about premature wear on parts? In this blog post we'll discuss some fixes for that and show you a recent front end done on a 2015 2500HD LML Duramax. 

Now yes the 01-19 GM truck suspension is very similar with just a few small differences so while this is done on a LML its the same concept for the older trucks as well. 

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