How do I fix Death Wobble? By One Up Off-Road

We wanted to help share the information here from OUO, as it provides a great list of what to look for if you get the death wobble in the fords and similar with the Dodges. 

If your truck is having a death wobble event slow down as safely and as fast as you possibly can until it stops wobbling.
Do not keep driving it with it shaking really hard, something could catastrophically fail and kill you.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics FAQ & Shock Service Information

*ICON offers a lifetime warranty on all components, springs, and weldments.

ICON's shock warranty is limited to manufacture defect for 12 months from the date of purchase.

The ICON Delta Joint features a 5-year limited warranty.

Contact ICON tech support for more details (951) 689-ICON.

*ICON suspension systems will not void OEM factory warranties.

Airdog vs Fass: The Lift Pump Debate

We see and get ask this question on a daily basis and its the simple "Which lift pump is better Fass or Airdog." 

I will start off by saying that either one will get the job done and has proven to be efficient over the years and will only continue to improve. I will get into the little details of each and let you decide but again both are great products with lifetime warranty on the pumps for the original purchaser. 

We'll be comparing the new Airdog II 4G and the Fass Signature Titanium Series pumps as these the newest pumps for each company! 


2017-2018 Ford Powerstroke SOTF Switch Install

2017 ford powerstroke switch install

2017-2018 Ford Powerstroke SOTF switch install. SOTF cable must be installed before loading SOTF ready tunes! The switch location changed on the 2017 Powerstroke's so Injected Motorsports made a new how to PDF showing where the next plug is located. 

17-18 Powerstroke Shift On The Fly Installation Instructions

SOTF cable must be installed before loading SOTF ready tunes!

1. Locate wire harness and grommet on driver’s side firewall directly behind parking brake pedal.

Why the Blue Spring Kit On the 6.0L Powerstroke is Important!

For such a cheap price and easy install, this little product is worth every penny in my experience. It increases your fuel back where it should be from the factory and holds up better with tuned engines. Most of the time you will see a 10psi increase with this blue spring kit. This keeps air out of the injectors and prolongs the life of them as well. A big benefit of the spring kit is to keep fuel pressure above 45psi at WOT. *Note that the max spec for fuel pressure is around 70-72psi.

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