Duramax P0087 Fuel Pressure Code

Duramax P0087 Fuel Pressure Code injected motorsports

So we see this in the shop weekly and also online all the time. Driving down the road or starting the truck up and it pops with a P0087 code. We'll walk you through a quick tutorial on what it means, likely causes, and fixes for that issue.

The P0087 code is a fuel pressure code signaling the pressure is below spec. The sensor is located on the fuel rail and this is what triggers the code to be thrown. 

Airdog Lift Pump Filter Cross Reference

Fleetguard: FS19768

Donaldson: P550550

LuberFiner: LFF9594

This is the 2 micron fuel filter that is a direct fit for all AirDog I, AirDog II, and AirDog II-4G models.

Cross Reference Numbers: (Note, this is for fitment and not micron rating):

NAPA: 3420

WIX: 33420

Baldwin: BF-7531

Fleetguard: 5613

Donaldson: P551315

LuberFiner: LFF3545


Fix Your Duramax Front End With The Kryptonite Suspension Upgrade (LML)

kryptonite lml upper control arm

Have a loose feeling front end? How about premature wear on parts? In this blog post we'll discuss some fixes for that and show you a recent front end done on a 2015 2500HD LML Duramax. 

Now yes the 01-19 GM truck suspension is very similar with just a few small differences so while this is done on a LML its the same concept for the older trucks as well. 

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