Airdog Lift Pump Filter Cross Reference

Fleetguard: FS19768

Donaldson: P550550

LuberFiner: LFF9594

This is the 2 micron fuel filter that is a direct fit for all AirDog I, AirDog II, and AirDog II-4G models.

Cross Reference Numbers: (Note, this is for fitment and not micron rating):

NAPA: 3420

WIX: 33420

Baldwin: BF-7531

Fleetguard: 5613

Donaldson: P551315

LuberFiner: LFF3545

Fix Your Duramax Front End With The Kryptonite Suspension Upgrade (LML)

kryptonite lml upper control arm

Have a loose feeling front end? How about premature wear on parts? In this blog post we'll discuss some fixes for that and show you a recent front end done on a 2015 2500HD LML Duramax. 

Now yes the 01-19 GM truck suspension is very similar with just a few small differences so while this is done on a LML its the same concept for the older trucks as well. 

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