SDP Lbz-Lmm Duramax Air Intake Install Notes

Injected Motorsports SDP Lbz-Lmm Duramax Air Intake Install Notes

Screamin Diesel Performance released their new Lbz-Lmm Duramax air intakes so we got a hold of one and did some fit testing and had some quick install notes.

SDP offers top notch quality and fitment. The Turbo Inlet (horn) is a larger 3.75” ID to a smooth transition  4” intake pipe!

* Kit can come with just the intake pipe that connects to the factory horn, can also come with just the intake horn and it will work with factory or other drop in intakes, and of course can get it all as 1 kit. The valve cover fittings (crankcase vent plugs) can be added as well. 

* SDP uses the always relaible S&B Filter and can purchase a filter wrap separetly. 


Install Notes:

Removal: Take your stock box out first and work your way onto the turbo inlet. Loosen the band clamp nut and easily work out the inlet. 

- After the intake is off carefully remove the 4 star head screws from the MAF sensor housing and take out the sensor. 

- Next install the MAF sensor onto the new intake piope with the new supplied screws


New Kit Install:

1. Lossen the band clam, slide your intake horn in from the passenger side, bar careful not to pinch the Air Intake Temp sensor wire as it will go over the top of your horn. Make sure the clamp it over the turbo lip and the horn lip, tighten down enough to hold in place ( will tighten this up last).

2. Next slide on the rubber supplied boot over the horn outlet, some minor grease may be needed but boot should slide over fairly easy. Slide 1 of your supplied clamps over it and let it hang there.

3. Next if your truck is equipped with a metal bracket some of it will need to be cut to allow the intake bracket to fit. Take out the 3, 13mm bolts (2 on the housing, 1 holding oil dipstick) and proceed to cut off the end towards the bumper. Some trucks will have this and other trucks do not. This is more common on the LBZ models than the LMM. (pictured

4. Reinstall the cut bracket with the 2 bolts, then take your intake pipe and slide it in between the nut on the housing, then slide the other end into the boot for the horn. Slide over and lightly tighten the 2 clamps over the boot.

5. Tighten the bolt on the bracket , then tighten the 2 clamps over the boots, then go back to your turbo band clamp and tighten it. 

6. Slide over your filter and tighten the clamp. (put the filter wrap on before if you chose that option)

7. Plug in your MAF sensor on the intake pipe.

8. Check all connections and bolts


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