How do I fix Death Wobble? By One Up Off-Road

We wanted to help share the information here from OUO, as it provides a great list of what to look for if you get the death wobble in the fords and similar with the Dodges. 

If your truck is having a death wobble event slow down as safely and as fast as you possibly can until it stops wobbling.
Do not keep driving it with it shaking really hard, something could catastrophically fail and kill you.

Any death wobble event could cause damage to other parts that were not damaged before the death wobble event.
That happens every time you have an event, new damage can happen.
One or any combination of these reasons can bring on the Death Wobble.
1/64" of slop in any component can get death wobble started. 

1-Track Rod bracket to frame bolts are not torqued.
2-Track Rod bracket joint bolt is not torqued.
3-Track Rod bushings or joints are worn.
4-Steering box frame bolts are not torqued.
5-Steering box does not have its lash adjusted correctly.
6-Steering rag joint is worn.
7-Steering column U-Joints are worn.
8-Steering column connection is not torqued.
9-Steering box damaged internally or was rebuilt with non-optimal parts.
10-Steering box has a worn or damaged power steering control valve.
11-Steering Box it too loose internally from the factory.
12-Steering box is out of adjustment.
13-Pitman arm nut is not torqued.
14-Pitman arm is cracked.
15-Pitman arm splines are compromised from being loose.
16-Steering stabilizer is worn / defective.  
17-Steering stabilizer is not torqued.
18-Aftermarket dual steering stabilizer bracket is low quality.
19-Drag link joints are worn.
20-Drag link coupler is not torqued.
21-Tie rod joint is worn.
22-Tie rod center link is not torqued.
23-Ball joints are worn.
24-Wheel bearing is worn.
25-Radius arm Frame Mounts are not torqued / loose Factory rivets.
26-Radius arm bolts are not torqued.
27-Radius arm bushings or joints are worn.
28-Castor is less than 4 degrees.
29-Tow is too far towed out.
30-Tires are cupped, worn or just randomly stopped working on your truck.
31-Brand new tires have a side wall / belt construction that is not compatible with a solid axle truck.

Even if your parts are “new” that does not mean they are good.
A new track rod will not tighten the nut on your pitman arm.  
Your bump steer will not get better until you fix the “close enough” geometry.
Let’s say your track rod bracket is loose, you don’t check it because you would never think that it could be a Friday truck and the assembly line torque wrench was not functioning correctly. You have a death wobble event from the loose track rod bracket bolts that destroys your track rod Joint. You can see that the joint is bad so you change it, but do not check the bracket’s bolt torque, then.. it hammers out again… that damn joint. But really it was another loose component causing the joint damage.
“Just put in cams” will NOT fix your problem.
There is no “Just do” that will fix your truck. 
If anyone is selling you an end all - be all fix to death wobble, buyer beware, they are not to be trusted.
Remember, just because someone has a social media account does not mean they are qualified to be giving anyone guidance.
If it is bad information, it is of no consequence to the internet experts if it costs you time and money.

If you are buying a new truck.
Be aware, drive that truck for 15 – 30 minutes at all speeds before you take possession of the truck. Be extremely mindful of the steering. Do not let the salesman talk to you when you are driving it. Focus and be critical of every bump.
If that truck has any bump steer or chatter, do not buy that truck. Do not take possession of it even if you special ordered it. That new truck is a defective unit. 

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