Amp Power Step Install 2020 GMC Sierra 1500

Amp Power Step Install 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 injected motorsports

Quick rundown on these Amp Research Power Steps on a gmc sierra 1500 AT4 plug n play system.

- First we found its easier to assemble the motors and cover on the bench along with the butt connectors for the LED lights and stripped the wires back on the looms.

- While you can mount the motor and idler linkage on the truck first, if you want to do it all at the same time measure the linkage on the front 5" from the end of the board inward and install the linage loosely onto the roller pins. Then get your motor linkage at the rear and measure either 16" or 33" inward depending on your truck. This truck the holes were at the 33" mark from end of the cab. 

- This lets you hold the steps and linakges up to put in the 2 bolts per linkage and tighten them down 

- Like in the video posted on here as well we use the 3rd hot termial for the connection and we slide the controller down the side of the battery and tie it to the battery hold down bar, to run the wires across the engine bay we take out the pop rivets, place a zip tie then put the rivets back end and secure the wire.

- Routing the wires make sure not to get close to the engine or exhaust, run along outside of frame above the cab mounts and DO NOT zip tie the looms to the parking brake line (Wire fish works best)

- When running the 2 purple wires into the cab be sure to tape them together and run under the carpet and tie it into the OB2 connector plug supplied.

- Wire in your LED lights, clean off the spot to it sticks good, zip tie everything up nice and neat. Put the Fuse back in and get it a try


* Make sure to keep your steps and motors clean after mud