2017-2019 GM 6.6L L5P Hood Vent Replacement

2017-2019 GM 6.6L L5P Hood Vent Replacement

2017-2019 GM Duramax Hood Vent Removal and Install

Whether yours might be broken or just want to change out the color to match here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to change out the hood scoop vent. 

Step 1: Take out the trim rivets on each side on the bottom side of the hood. 


Step 2: Once those are out pull down the shroud and you will see the 4 nuts/bolts exposed. Use a deep socket 10mm socket and remove the 4 nuts.

Step 3: Once all 4 nuts are out, then close the hood and use a trim tool to pop up the 4 gromments holding the vent in place.


Step 4: After removal get the new vent and make sure all 4 bolts are seated correctly and use the rubber washers off the old unit with the new one. Snap the new vent into place by pushing down and then raise the hood again and install the 4 factory nuts back onto the bolts and tighten (not too tight just snug). 

Step 5: Make sure everything is seated properly and install the 2 shroud rivets back into the hood and you're done!


GM Chrome Part # 84183576

GM Black Powdercoat Part #  84240941