01-10 Hydroboost (Brake Booster) Fix & Upgrade

Duramax Hydroboost Fix & Upgrade Mod


Anybody with the 01-10 duramax 2500HD or 3500HD knows the very common issue of the hydroboost going bad along with the Power Steering Pump. If left long enough it does have the potential to take out your power steering pump as well. 

Fix: Instead of going back with a 01-10 gm model hydroboost (if you do, then go back with ac delco) go ahead and put a 2011 LML hydroboost back in its place. the 01-04 trucks will need a slight modification to fit it, this entails drilling a bigger hole in the pin. Outside of that its a direct bolt on. 

Reason: The 2011's were upgraded internally and if you've ever drove an lml you can tell the brakes are much better and don't have that "spongey" feel to them. Its a direct bolt on and will work on the older system.

Also while you're doing the hydroboost and you're worried about the power steering pump then nows the time to do both while you're in there. I would go back with new lines as well (stainless if you wanna go high end) and flush the system first with ATF fluid. Then go back with either your standard PS fluid or I like the full synthetic option myself. I repeated this 2 times or so to get good clean fluid. It's also a common issue to have leaky hydroboost lines going to the PS pump so watch for those as well. 


*NEW AC DELCO PART # 1781036

*Upgraded Power Steering Pump from PSC Steering (LINK) - https://www.injectedmotorsports.com/product/high-performance-hydroboost-power-steering-pump-2001-10-gm-duramax-psc-performance-steering


BAD PS Pump & Hydroboost 




Hope this helps and I'll post a video of what a bad hydroboost and power steering pump sounds like. Thanks for viewing!